Make parameters of a SQL query visible as a config option

We have been using the apm agent for django and it's really cool, but we found that for dev environments we would find the option of seeing the raw SQL query the ORM is doing very very useful.
I know that these params are obfuscated by design as a security measure but I think it'd be great if you could add a flag to send these params in raw format.

An example would be:

SELECT (1) AS "a" FROM "table" INNER JOIN "table1"  (etc..) **"user_id" = %s** LIMIT 1

There is a previous mention to this in : How to print Query parameters also along with the query?


APM Server version:
Version 5

APM Agent language and version:
Python - running in django

I think this is a cool idea. Would you mind filing a feature request here?

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I never asked before. I hope it's ok:


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