Manage Multiple instances of Elasticsearch cluster with different version by ECK

I should deploy Elasticsearch 8 and Elasticsearch 7 on the same AKS cluster.

Is it possible to upgrade the ECK operator to the latest 2.7.0 and deploy Elasticsearch 7 and 8 by this one operator?


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@HadarPeeran Any success yet? I too have a scenario like this.

You should be able to deploy clusters of different versions

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I confirm that each version of ECK can handle different versions of the Elastic Stack.


  • ECK 2.7.0 officially supports Elastic Stack 6.8 - 8.7
  • ECK 2.8.0 officially supports Elastic Stack 6.8 - 8.8

Please note that we do not test new versions of Elastic Stack on previous versions of ECK (e.g.: ECK 2.7.0 isn't tested with Elasticsearch 8.8.0).

We recommend to update ECK before updating your Elasticsearch to the latest version.

You can check the supported Elastic Stack versions for each ECK version here:

The latest version of ECK provides the best experience with the latest version of the Elastic Stack.


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