[Manticore::ResolutionFailure] elasticsearch.k8s: Name or service not known"

I'm running Logstash 6.3.0, and Elasticsearch 6.2.0 on a minikube cluster with 1 pod for each.
I'm using CoreDNS to have domain aliases, with the following DNS entry:

rewrite name elasticsearch.k8s elasticsearch.default.svc.cluster.local

Now when I use the 'real' name, there is no issue, but the alias breaks it, even tho I can get to the node through the aiias with other commands. Such as:

bash-4.2$ curl elasticsearch.k8s:9200
  "name" : "VnqXkyk",
  "cluster_name" : "elasticsearch",
  "cluster_uuid" : "wjL_mIEbRO6AQRD0-IcFng",
  "version" : {
    "number" : "6.2.0",
    "build_hash" : "37cdac1",
    "build_date" : "2018-02-01T17:31:12.527918Z",
    "build_snapshot" : false,
    "lucene_version" : "7.2.1",
    "minimum_wire_compatibility_version" : "5.6.0",
    "minimum_index_compatibility_version" : "5.0.0"
  "tagline" : "You Know, for Search"

Getting the same issue with the MySQL driver..


elasticsearch {
    hosts => "elasticsearch.k8s:9200"
    user => "elasticsearch"
    password => "elasticsearch"
    index => "product_v1"
    action => update
    doc_as_upsert => true
    document_id => "%{id}"


[2018-07-02T07:30:11,659][WARN ][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] Attempted to resurrect connection to dead ES instance, but got an error. {:url=>"http://elasticsearch:xxxxxx@elasticsearch.k8s:9200/", :error_type=>LogStash::Outputs::Elasticsearch::HttpClient::Pool::HostUnreachableError, :error=>"Elasticsearch Unreachable: [http://elasticsearch:xxxxxx@elasticsearch.k8s:9200/][Manticore::ResolutionFailure] elasticsearch.k8s: Name or service not known"}

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