Manually trigger sourcemap analysis for existing apm RUM errors

I just uploaded a the sourcemaps of our Angular application to Kibana using curl by following this guide:

It's working fine, my stacktraces in the error tab in APM couldn't be prettier, but I was wondering if I can trigger this pipeline/enrichment (is it a pipeline?) on older documents? I'm still seeing "error": "No Sourcemap available for ServiceName..." for errors that occurred before the upload.

We still have to automatically upload our sourcemaps when we deploy a new version of our application, but in the mean time I would like to be able to see the stacktrace if an error occurs.

@Joren_Inghelbrecht welcome to the forum!

I think you could probably do this using the Elasticsearch update_by_query API with an ingest node pipeline, using the Enrich processor, but it's not something we have support for out of the box.

There's, I recommend subscribing if you would like to be updated on this.

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