Match field based on content via regex

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Loglines often contains a severity field containing INFO, WARNING etc. I tried to use a pattern like


which I pick up in grok with

but loglines such as this

<150>Apr 26 17:13:25 Sydney_ILAB_DCX8510 raslogd: 2017/04/26-17:13:25, [LOG-1000], 1748, SLOT 4 WWN 10:00:50:eb:1a:59:0b:00 | FID 128, INFO, Sydney_ILAB_DCX8510, Previous message repeated 4 time(s).

continuously show a grokparse failure.

Any ideas?


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Ohh, PS. that is the rule that traps the grok parse failure as when I remove that the others in the same match statement succeed

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