Matching direction in dissect

I have log lines like the following:

src= rest of message
src=[::1]:304 message details

The format is <ip address>:<port>. I could use dissect easily except for the case shown in the second line. This could be solved if I could specify the direction of matching in dissect.

I could extract the entire string after src= till the next space into a field and then split by : from the right instead of doing it from the left. Is such a thing possible in Logstash currently?

Right, use dissect to grab everything between the = and the space, then grok it

    dissect { mapping => { "message" => "src=%{ipAndPort} %{restOfLine}" } }
    grok { match => { "ipAndPort" => "%{DATA:ip}:%{NUMBER:port}$" } }

Thanks for the clarification @Badger. Would it help to have a direction specification in dissect? I think it can serve as a minor optimization.

Not sure. The reason dissect is so fast is that has very limited functionality. Complicating the parsing might not be worth it.

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