Maximum number of data disk exceeded

Hey guys,
For my initial creation of K8s, I have already assigned 4 data disks (this is our QA env) during the creation process. When running the template to create the master node to act as ingress and data.

I hit on an error:

Failure sending request: StatusCode=0 -- Original Error: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status= Code="OperationNotAllowed" Message="The maximum number of data disks allowed to be attached to a VM of this size is 4." Target="dataDisks"

How can we through CRD / Master template I created to use the existing disk(s)?

Hey @Alwandy, the error message you pasted here seems to come from your Kubernetes provider (Azure?). It looks like you cannot use more than 4 data disks on a single Kubernetes node.
There is nothing ECK can do to prevent that. I'd suggest you contact your Kubernetes provider to see how this limit can be increased.

Note that if this is a staging/dev cluster, you also have the option to use EmptyDirs. See the last section of this doc. Warning: emptyDir are normally meant for ephemeral data. There is a risk of data loss if anything happens on your Kubernetes node, or if you apply a configuration change on your cluster. I would not advise relying on emptyDir for production clusters.