Meetricbeat 7.6.2 on Openshift 4.3

I deployed successfully metricbeat7.6.2 on openshift4.3 without problem like

; $oc new-app -e output.elasticsearch.hosts="http://elasticsearch-emsproject.apps-crc.testing/"
  $oc create serviceaccount useroot
  $oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z useroot 
  $oc edit dc/metricbeat  (# add serviceAccountName: useroot) 
As a second step,  I am trying to configure storage for metricbea.yml as configmap on openshift. It is a problem with security. 
$oc create configmap metricbeat-config --from-file=/home/user2/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml 
$oc set volume dc/metricbeat --add --mount-path=/usr/share/metricbeat --name=metricbeat-volume-1 -t configmap --configmap-name=metricbeat-config

metricbeat.yml is not uploaded to the container because of userid:group id ( root: metricbeat) for file authority.

Is there any Dockerfile I can reconfigure user/group for the files ?
or anyone experience same issue ?

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