Memory usage on startup

(Ofer Peretz) #1

I have using logstash forwarder to ship log from lightweight machine with limited RAM.
When logstash forwarder is running on the machine it uses 200M when starting it without processing any logs yet.

My question is: Logstash forwarder memory usage can be reduced by some way?
or there is logstash forwarder that written in other language so it can compile more efficiently other than GO?

ive noticed there is logstash forwarder written in Ruby, it can be used?


(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Are you sure it's logstash-forwarder and not Logstash you're talking about? And how did you reach the number 200 MB? When I run logstash-forwarder the VIRT column in top(1) indeed shows about 240 MB, but that not interesting as it's the amount of memory that's mapped into the process's virtual address space. The RES column on the other hand contains how much RAM is actually being used (i.e. how much of the virtual memory that's resident in RAM) and that figure is less than 8 MB in my case.

(system) #3