Mercifully killing Logstash instance


I just started using Logstash to migrate MySQL data to ES. Wrote my own configuration, but it has certain problems which I'm currently debugging. The thing is, every time I run LS with myconfig.conf and get an error, I don't know how to kill the instance of Logstash to try and run myconfig again.

If I use ctrl+C, it will get to this point and get stuck:

SIGINT received. Terminating immediately..

I can only ctrl+Z from this point, but won't be able to run LS with myconfig again as it is going to be used by the killed process, only way is to restart my laptop.

Tried with:

ps -ax

but there are no Logstash processes running, so I went with:

killall logstash

which also found no processes to kill.. is there a merciful way to quit Logstash?

I always ask after I waste hours trying and then find an answer within minutes..

If anyone will have the same problem, run:

ps ax | grep logstash

Then kill the process using the process id like:

sudo kill -9

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