Message "failed to load host information: 1 error: no /etc/<distrib>-release file found"

Good evening!

I am getting "failed to load host information: 1 error: no /etc/-release file found" popping up all over my Auditbeat output and it's making it's way into Kibana/Elasticsearch as well ..

Running Fedora 30 server ...

I took a look /etc and see the Sym link "fedora-release" and it's points as follows:

Is Auditbeat having issues reading it possibly??? Would appreciate some feedback to see if someone has seen this before ...

Thanks kindly!

Hello, thanks for reaching out about the auditbeat issue on Fedora 30.

I'm hitting the same issue with a simple Go program that uses some of the same libraries at auditbeat.

panic: 1 error: no /etc/<distrib>-release file found

I will continue to investigate this and will likely file an issue with one of our following projects:

There's an issue for this at A code update is needed to go-sysinfo to make the check less restrictive an allow reading symlinks.

Andrew ...

Please forgive my ignorance in asking .... but is this a code update that I can do on my end or this a bug that we need to wait for Elasticsearch to fix and release in a future version?

It's a change that needs to be made in and then a new release of Auditbeat can be made by Elastic that will include the fix. But you are welcome to submit a pull request with a fix if you are familiar with git and Go :smile:.

Andrew ...

Thanks kindly .... I would love to do that but, sadly, I am not familiar enough with Git and Go to attempt such a change!

In the meantime I will just wait for a change and not worry about those error messages ... I'll see if there's a way I can filter them out so they don't all end up in Elasticsearch which is what is happening now!

Have a great week ...

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