Hi All,

I'm new here and sorry if put this topic in wrong path. So, I treid to use logstash plugin version 2.3.4, in this case, the logstash connect in a topic in the kafka and sendo the output for other element, but, when i tried to up the plugin, i have this error:

Kafka::Consumer caught exception: Java::KafkaCommon::MessageSizeTooLargeException
Found a message larger than the maximum fetch size of this consumer on topic maaBAAggregator partition 5 at fetch offset 290980507. Increase the fetch size, or decrease the maximum message size the broker will allow.

I tried do put the fetch.message.max.bytes property in consumer file configuration on kafka, but without success.

Has anyone ever been through something similar?

Thank you so much

Hi All,

I was able to solve this issue, with the help of a co-worker.

Resolution(At least in my case): Set the variable fetch_message_max_bytes in logstash plugin configuration (plugin.conf) with the same value configured in the variable message.max.bytes in the broker server.

I hope you can help someone with the same scenario.


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