Messing with "Umlaute" and how to manage Ö = ö Ü = ü Ä = ä á & ó = á é = é

Hi there,

I have some issues with Ö Ü Ä ö ü ä á ó é etc.

Codec plain is installed!
log = csv by log4j2 standard charset ISO-8859-1

My Config:


- type: log
  encoding: ISO-8859-1


input {
	beats {
	port => "5044"
	codec => plain {charset => "ISO-8859-1"}

My results are:

Ö = ö
Ü = ü
Ä = ä
á & ó = á
é = é

I tried also with CP1252 and many other charsets!

What I did as a workaround I replace the chars manualy because logstash ignore them:

        gsub => [
		"Name", "ä", "ae",
            "Name", "ö", "oe",
            "Name", "ü", "ue",
			"Name", "é", "e"

But what, that should not be the common way to handle this.

I want "Umlaute"

What should I do to get my expected results?

Thanks in advance

By telling Filebeat that the source document is in ISO-8859-1, you are enabling Filebeat convert it into a normalised representation (UTF-8), which is then used for transmitting the events to Logstash -- you should not need to configure Logstash to know about the on-disk encoding, because the bytes sent from Filebeat to Logstash should already be in UTF-8.

oh yes It works!
I thougt I already tried this way but obviously not!
Lot of things left to learn...
Thanks for your reply.

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