Metricbeat Azure Modules metricset for VirtualNetworkGateway


Is it possible to get Data from azure Virtual Network Gateway shown on Kibana?

I have added the namespace to azure module yaml file. Connection is there but not sure on how to display its metrics on Kibana.

I tried querying in KQL, but couldn't find anything for to fetch out metrics for VPN Gateway.

Is it possible using monitor metricset to fetch out all other available resource metrices from Azure other than the ones available in azure module yml file, or only the available metricsets can be used for azure monitor?

Here is the config file:

- module: azure
  - monitor
  enabled: true
  period: 300s
  client_id: 'ClientId'
  client_secret: 'Secret'
  tenant_id: 'tenantid'
  subscription_id: 'subscriptionid'
  refresh_list_interval: 600s
  - resource_query: "resourceType eq 'Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworkGateways'"
    - name: ["TunnelEgressBytes", "TunnelIngressBytes"]
      namespace: "Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworkGateways"

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