Metricbeat Docker Container uses different field name format


(Kurtis Rainbolt Greene) #1
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_config-hash	       	db6349188d084d7ffc61147577d6256df4eacbcb90e8a573eb05c970e0b56c42
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_container-number	       	1
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_oneoff	       	False
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_project	       	20181127190024
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_service	       	grafana
t  docker.container.labels.com_docker_compose_version	       	1.22.0
t  docker.container.labels.container_group	       	

Where as the postgres module:

t	       	27deab6f5cadcfefe37f45ad94e81f123db30bf268be8bb1756681fcd8d31807
t	       	1
t	       	False
t	       	20181127190024
t	       	sentry-postgres
t	       	1.22.0
t  docker.container.labels.container_group	       	

Here's the full documents:

(Kaiyan Sheng) #3

Thanks for all the information. I just created a github issue to track this:

(Kurtis Rainbolt Greene) #4

Thanks so much @Kaiyan_Sheng!

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