Metricbeat duplicated data in elastic cloud

Hi there,

I am using metricbeat to collect metrics from AWS cloudwatch and insert them into the elastic cloud environment. it works fine but there is an issue that I couldn't solve. there are duplicated data for one namespace and dimension. here is the configuration file

- module: aws
  period: 300s
    - cloudwatch
    - namespace: AWS/ApiGateway
      name: ["4XXError", "5XXError", "Count", "CacheHitCount", "CacheMissCount", "Latency", "IntegrationLatency"]
      statistics: ["Sum", "SampleCount", "Average"]

and this is an image that shows the duplicated data on kibana

As you can see in the image, for the same dimension there are two similar metrics at the same time. I tried to change the configuration and also time period but no success to sort it out. I would be grateful if you could share your idea.


Is every field in the JSON an exact duplicate?

Yes, exactly the same data. I should mention that I deployed the metricbeat on an AWS ECS cluster.

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