Metricbeat elasticsearch-xpack errors

After 7.9.2 upgrade I've lost monitoring data on the "indexes" tab. I've found errors like this on metricbeat on the active master node:

Error fetching data for metricset elasticsearch.index_summary: HTTP error 400 in : 400 Bad Request

I've seen similar problems that point to "metricset", but adding those options didn't help. Other users have had permission errors but this isn't a production stack and is using a superuser account.

Any ideas?


This is apparently a bug. If there are closed indices, stats fail. I had one index that was closed and had "index.blocks.read_only": true. Fixing that index solved the issue.

Hey @rugenl,

What version of Elasticsearch are you using?

Could you please report the bug with your insights in ?


7.9.2, Elastic support told me it was a known bug, so it's been reported. They just didn't give me any related info on it. Look at case 00628652

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