Metricbeat fails to communicate with kubelet


I installed the metricbeat (daemonset) on kubernetes by applying the YAML files.
The metricbeat PODs were installed successfully, but there is a communication issue between metricbeat and kubelet due to certificate at 10250 port. @timestamp:January 18th 2019, 14:35:20.016 metricset.module:kubernetes metricset.rtt:8,391 error.message:error making http request: Get https://dev-k8s-node2:10250/stats/summary: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority beat.hostname:dev-k8s-node2 beat.version:6.5.4 _id:-H70YGgB-Ffh-dxO2BpO _type:doc _index:metricbeat-6.5.4-2019.01.18 _score: -

I changed the ConfigMap by applying the following in order to establish the connectivity, but with no success:

hosts: ["https://${HOSTNAME}:10250"]
bearer_token_file: /var/run/secrets/
- /var/run/secrets/

Is there any documentation about this?

thank you.

this was resolved by adding ssl.verification_mode: "none" at the configmap.

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