Metricbeat fails to parse field

I'm trying to setup monitoring of our ES cluster via MetricBeat.
The cluster consists of:

  • 1 master & 1 data node (more to be added later)
  • running on AWS Ubuntu ARM instances

I'm getting the following error in MetricBeat's logging (abbreviated):

failed to parse field [elasticsearch.node.stats.os.cgroup.memory.limit.bytes] of type [long] in document with id '5NvEroEBXQqSgbZj8wR7'. Preview of field's value: 'max'\",\"caused_by\":{\"type\":\"illegal_argument_exception\",\"reason\":\"For input string: \\\"max\\\"\"}}, dropping event!","":"metricbeat","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

Any ideas what's causing this?

Hi cracanut!

You're running into [Stack Monitoring] Mapping for elasticsearch.node.stats.os.cgroup.memory.limit.bytes is incorrect · Issue #31765 · elastic/beats · GitHub - we don't have a workaround currently but if you subscribe to that issue you'll get updates once we start working on it.

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot. I've subscribed to the GitHub issue, hopefully there's a fix soon.

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