Metricbeat generating disabled modules dashboards

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Hi All,

I was trying Metricbeat demo from this link.

I ran this command(although it said already enabled)

./metricbeat modules enable system

I edited ES host name and Kibana Hostname.
Started MetricBeat

./metricbeat -c metricbeat.yml -e

This command to load the dashboard.

./metricbeat setup -e

But when I saw. There are tons of Dashboard created for Nginx, Kubernetes, Docker along with System etc etc.
I checked the module.d folder. And except for System.yml file all other shows disabled.

I did not enable any of these then why do I see all these Dashboards?

All the products version are 6.6.1

(ruflin) #2

If you load dashboards, it automatically loads all dashboards not only the ones for the enabled modules. We don't have a good option yet to only load a subset of the dashboards.

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thank you :slight_smile:

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