Metricbeat having issue with auto create mapping

I have tried to get metricbeat started on one of our boxes, and I am getting the following error (continuously):

2017-04-06T10:24:44-05:00 WARN Can not index event (status=404): {"type":"type_missing_exception","reason":"type[metricsets] missing","index_uuid":"lbQzxO_UQFedybyPVlcskg","index":"metricbeat-2017.04.06","caused_by":{"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"trying to auto create mapping, but dynamic mapping is disabled"}}

Here is the result of the following curl call:

curl -XGET
"template_all" : {
"order" : 0,
"template" : "*",
"settings" : {
"index" : {
"mapper" : {
"dynamic" : "true"
"mappings" : { },
"aliases" : { }

I don't quite understand what I need to change so that metricbeat can create the indexes required.

So I got this to work.

I had to go through and delete all of the existing metricbeat indices. When I did that, it seemed to pick up the new template correctly.

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Thanks for sharing your solution!

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