Metricbeat index date timezone

How do you control the timezone metricbeat uses for the date part of the index name:

For ex:


Is there a way I can tell metricbeat to use a particular timezone when generating the date part above. I'd like it to use UTC (which is what Filebeat and winlogbeat uses) but is using local.

The reason why this causes a problem is that filebeat and winlogbeat indices rollover to the next day (since it uses UTC) but metricbeat doesn't (since it uses local timezone) so they are not in sync and using 3rd party tools where you set the timezone for the index doesn't work because they are not all the same.


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I don't think beats can convert timestamps for index names between time-zones yet. Feel free to open an ehancement request.

Ok, how do you think it works currently for Filebeat and winlogbeat but not for metricbeat ?

What is the index date based on ?


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Hi @steffens, @Exocomp

i have created a PR. Maybe you have a look on it.

@maddin2016 if it allows me to set the timezone for elasticsearch index then I like it, :slight_smile:

I found out the difference, where it is working with filebeat and winlogbeat I'm sending it to through logstash where I'm using the date filter and setting the timezone, I'm sending metricbeat to elasticsearch directly.

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