Metricbeat kafka module with jaas authentification

Hello all,

I have active Metricbeat kafka Module and configurer file /module.d/kafka.yml and metricbeat.yml.
but i want to add configuration to this file, to permit authentification using Jaas.

It's possible to add jass configuration to kafka.yml, if yes how to do it.


Metricbeat.yml :

========================== Modules configuration ============================

  • module: kafka
    metricsets: ["consumergroup","partition"]
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["localhost:6667"]


  • module: kafka
    • partition
    • consumergroup
      period: 10s
      hosts: ["localhost:6667"]

Hi @Khaled_Chaoued :slightly_smiling_face:

consumergroup and partition metricsets can use plain jaas to authenticate while broker, producer, consumer delegates auth to Jolokia module.

I hope this helps

Thanks for your reply.
have you an exemple or a link that details this?
Because i have activate Jolokia module and we don't have possibility to configure jaas.


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