Metricbeat missing kubernetes pods metrics

Hey guys
I need a bit of help with Metricbeat. I have Kubernetes (1.14) running in AWS EKS.
Inside Kibana I can see metrics of Hosts, but when I switch to Kubernetes view, I can see all the pods, but no metrics for the pods. Values of all the metrics are 0.

My kube-state-metric is applied from

Here is the config of metricbeat

Here are some of the most recent logs of metricbeat

Here are the kube-state-metrics logs

I found the issue - AWS EKS does not have the port 10255 by default enabled

The documentation of Metricbeat should change, cause this port is recommended to use and it won't work for EKS

Hi @Ivan_Martos :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for posting the solution. We'll take a look at the docs :slightly_smiling_face:

cool. Can you pls ping me when the doc will be updated?
thanks a lot

Actually, I was wondering if EKS exposes the secure kubelet port at 10250?, if so I think you can grab the credentials that EKS sets up and configure that endpoint

Sorry if I missed something here. But it seems to me that the solution is prometheus specific. The solution is to enable https for the prometheus-operator. I am pretty confused what to do in this situation?

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