Metricbeat monitoring for different user id's

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I am using metricbeat for monitoring my windows stack, we have a windows box enabled with 25 user remote connectivity. We are unable to monitor the usage of all the users. I am getting CPU and process metrics related only for the user id with which I have started metricbeat. I have even tried with a admin user.pls help me in resolving this.

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Did you use the provided install-service-metricbeat.ps1 script? This installs a metricbeat service that runs metricbeat using a the local service account that should have the privleges required to collect information about nearly all processes in the system.

If you did install and run Metricbeat as a service and it's still not collecting process information then please use Metricbeat v6.3.0, share the log file from Metricbeat, and share the configuration you are using.

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Thanks andrew, post installing it as ps1 with admin id am able to capture it.

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