Metricbeat Not Outputting to Logstash

I have Metricbeat installed on a new server and can't get it to output to Logstash. I can configure it to output directly to Elasticsearch. I even can get Filebeat running on the same server to output to Logstash but not metricbeat. When I change the output to logstash, the service won't start. Below is the my logstash output section. I have commented out the elasticsearch output and also tried changing localhost to the server's IP and

# The Logstash hosts
 hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

Not sure how the filebeat was working but the issue was my logstash input file had quotes around the port => "5044" and removing them opened the port and allowed both to connect.

If you have this kind of issues in the future, try to start the beat with -e "*" to see more log output. There you would have seen that there was an error connecting.

I'm glad that you found the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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