Metricbeat not using name in http monitoring


I'm using http monitoring on my metricbeat, so I can see it in Kibana Monitoring.
I've setup like this:

http.enabled: true
http.port: 5067


But when I open http://localhost:5067, the name is still my machine's name, not the one that I set, so my beat shows the wrong name in Kibana Monitoring page.

However, the metrics sent by metricbeat (in Kibana Metrics page) have the name "NAME-I-PICKED" as expected.

Is there something I can do to this fix?


What is the version of the Metricbeat instance you are running?

It sounds like you might be running into this bug: Nevertheless, it would be good to know which version of Metricbeat you are running, as @kvch asked.


I'm using Metricbeat 7.5.2, and it seems it's exactly the bug I'm running into.

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