Metricbeat Output to Kafka via Kerberos Error

Has anyone been able to get Kerberos output to Kafka to work for Metricbeat (v 7.17) on Windows? I've attempted both keytab and password auth types for Kerberos.

The initial error I get is: kafka: client has run out of available brokers to talk to (Is your cluster reachable?)

As I dug deeper, some network traces, I'm seeing KDC C principal unknown error. Snippet from my config:

kerberos.enabled: true
  kerberos.auth_type: password
  kerberos.config_path: "C:\\xxx\\xxxx\\krb5.conf"
  kerberos.service_name: kafka
  kerberos.username: "xxx"
  kerberos.password: "xxx"

I've confirmed that the username is properly set on the kafka end and that our krfb5.conf file is correct. Even thought to add the full upn for the username, however that just generating a KDC S principal unkown error instead.

Any advice/folks who got this working?

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