Metricbeat process dropping

Hello All. I am new with elastic products. I have elastic + logstash + kibana running. My problem is related to metricbeats. On one of my nodes, is working normally, however on the other, it keeps stopping after a couple hours. I have activated the debug, but the log doesnt say much:

It publishes content normally:
2017-08-08T15:21:00-03:00 DBG Publish: {
"@timestamp": "2017-08-08T18:21:00.388Z",
"beat": {
And at the end of the log, i get this message:
2017-08-09T10:56:59-03:00 DBG output worker: publish 672 events
2017-08-09T10:56:59-03:00 DBG Try to publish 672 events to logstash with window size 688
2017-08-09T10:56:59-03:00 DBG 672 events out of 672 events sent to logstash. Continue sending
2017-08-09T10:56:59-03:00 DBG send completed

Any idea what should i do next?

OS: Linux
metricbeat: 5.5.1

The metricbeat process on your host is dying? How are you running it? What specific OS distro/version is this? And what config are you using?


Thank you very much for the reply. It turns out the process was dying with my session, because i cant use root. I was able to fix it.

Thanks again!