Metricbeat restart with server

Hello Experts,

I am a beginner in Elasticsearch.

I want to register Metricbeat as service (not sure if it should be called as a service ) on Linux.

I have instlled Metricbeat and ran it in background using "./Metricbeat &" command.

Now, I want Metricbeat to restart with server restart, what should I do ?

I tried "systemctl enable metricbeat" command but came to know that Linux server is Suse Linux server where systemctl command won't work.

I have found one option , schuduling using "crontab". Is this correct option ?

Is there any other option ?
A link to article/ video would be a great help.

Thank you :pray:

You need to check how your Linux manages services. Maybe it is service metricbeat restart?

Hello Marcin,

Thank you for your reply. I will check that.

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