MetricBeat - Sytem Module #Missing Version Details Metric


MetricBeat is awesome..... 95% of information what we were getting in sigar metric is matching with the metricbeat output.... so we have started to use metric beat now....

However, some details like OS version Info are not included in the system module. This will add great value to identify what type of OS, Arch, IP, Vendor details, etc....

Is there any plugin available to get this info or any plans to include this in future release?

(Andrew Kroh) #2

It would be nice to have that kind of info reported. Could you open an enhancement request for this in the Github repo? Please be specific in the ticket about the fields that you would expect to see reported.


Thanks for your reply. I have created, MetricBeat - Sytem Module #Version Details #4356

(system) #4

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