Metricbeat tar vs rpm

Hi Experts,

We are using metricbeat in our project to capture and monitor host and oracle modules statistics.
We have plan to have automation script which download the metricbeat package , setup the metricbeat configurations(update metricbeat.yml, enable modules etc..) and start the metricbeat.
The plan is to download the metricbeat in tar supported.
Questions :
I would like to know is there performance impact or any other difference between metricbeat tar vs rpm ?

The benefits of a packaged distribution (deb/rpm) are more that it adheres to OS standards for things like config + binary + log locations, and inclusion of service files.

The actual binaries that are in the tar are exactly the same as the packaged versions.

Thanks Mark. Agree on this rpm package adheres to OS standards where the storage of bin and config files present under / root directory structure.
For Ex : metricbeat rpm package installs and kept the binary under /usr/share/metricbeat/bin

But for tar file, it present under where the tar file has been extracted.

Could you please also let me know if we upgrade metricbeat package in future, rpm package upgrade has minimal impact than tar ?

Upgrading with RPM is harder as you need to manage a bunch of things manually.

Thanks Mark. In that case we stick with using tar downloading for our metricbeat automation setup script.

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