Metricbeat zookeeper module connecting to zookeeper using ssl connection


I am trying to connect to metricbeat zookeeper module to zookeeper through ssl connection. Though I am able to connect in non ssl mode I am unable to connect through ssl.

I get the below errors
srvr command failed: read failed: read tcp> i/o timeout mntr command failed: read failed: read tcp> i/o timeout

zookeeper.yml configuration is

`- module: zookeeper
`  metricsets:
`    - mntr
`    - server
`  period: 10s
`  hosts: [""]
`  ssl.enabled: true  
`  ssl.certificate: "C:\\Elastic\\Certificate\\Zookeeper\\certf3.pem"
`  ssl.key: "C:\\Elastic\\Certificate\\Zookeeper\\keyf3.key"


Looking into the code of this module I see that most probably ssl is not supported beats/zookeeper.go at 35a7882f69d6daf9ab72f36c6509a00aaa2904d0 · elastic/beats · GitHub.

Could you please open a GitHub issue (enhancement request) for this so as the team can validate and evaluate the support of ssl?


Thanks Chris. I found github enhancement request already open.

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