Metrics do nothing in my file

I am trying to count the number of logs that appear in my file. Now I am using a file with logs as an example, but later I will use a syslog, and I want it to count the logs that arrive in 2 minutes.

if [msgFinal] =~ /(?i:IPS Prevention Alert)/{
metrics {
			meter => ["logs_count"]			
			flush_interval => 120
			clear_interval => 120
			add_tag => ["ATTACK"]

But it seems that metrics does not count anything or add the tag to me.
When I try to print an output, nothing appears.

	if "ATTACK" in [tags]{
			codec => line{
				format => "hay: %{[logs_count][count]}"

Are you waiting two minutes for the metric to be generated? I suggest you reduce the intervals to maybe 2 seconds and switch to a stdin input. Then paste messages in slowly.

The metrics filter does not modify any of the events that pass through the filter. Every 5 seconds it checks to see whether it is time to generate a new event that contains the values of the counters, and then checks to see if it is time to clear the counters. It will then process the add_tag option and apply it to the newly generated event.

If try the experiment I suggested in the first paragraph that may make it clearer what the filter is doing.

Thanks so much! you're right. I have to wait 2 minutes for the result to be printed on the screen.

Now I have to check if that wait can be a problem when the logs are arriving continuously. My idea is to check if 50 logs of a specific type arrive in 2 minutes, but I have to check it over and over and over again.

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