Metrics filter not working on 5.5

I am trying to use metrics plugin with logstash 5.5 and it does not look to be working.
Below is my original code
metrics {
meter => [ "http_%{responsecode}" ]
add_tag => "globanetmetrics"
flush_interval => 300
clear_interval => 300
Through stdout and in kibana I have verified that responsecode field exists. But this tag is not getting added.
To avoid any data issue, I changed the above filter to
metrics {
add_field => { "rohit_test" => "test" }
add_tag => "globanetmetrics"
But even with this the new field or tag is not getting added, the data can still be seen in kibana and stdout does not give any error.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.

Thank you in advance.

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