Minimal filebeat config: syslog -> file

(Magnus Therning) #1

In an attempt to walk before running I thought I'd set up a filebeat instance as a syslog server and then use logger to send log messages to it.

My Docker Compose configuration for setting up filebeat is

  stdin_open: true
  tty: true
  command: filebeat -v -c /config-dir/filebeat.yml
  restart: always
    - "5000:5000"
    - ./log-cfg/filebeat.yml:/config-dir/filebeat.yml
    - ./beat-out/:/beat-out/

The file filebeat.yml contains

  - type: syslog "localhost:5000"

output.file.path: "/beat-out"

  level: debug
  to_files: true

Bringing up filebeat with docker-compose up filebeat succeeds. And sending log messages using logger --server localhost --port 5000 --tcp --rfc3164 "An error" succeeds too. However, there is nothing printed to any file in ./beat-out/.

Attaching to the running instance and inspecting the log (/usr/share/filebeat/logs/filebeat) doesn't help me understand what's missing. A log can be found at Also, nothing appears in the filebeat log when sending a syslog message with logger.

What am I missing here?

(Adrian Serrano) #2

The syslog input is being bound to the container's loopback interface. Just need to remove the host name: ":5000"

(Magnus Therning) #3

Indeed! Thanks!

I do wonder what answered logger when it tried to connect to port 5000 locally...

(Adrian Serrano) #4

That was docker itself. If you try to connect to a bound port that is closed inside the container, docker will still accept the connection and then close it immediately.

(system) #5

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