Missing events while using Filebeat multiline.flush_pattern

Filebeat "multiline.flush_pattern" is flushing the multiline line event starting with "multiline.pattern" and ending with "multiline.flush_pattern".

I am facing 2 issues with multiline.flush_pattern,

  1. The lines after "multiline.flush_pattern" are not stored in elasticsearch. I do not see those lines even in the filebeat debug logs.
  2. I expect the events that are not matching with multiline.flush_pattern to be stored in the elasticsearch but I do not see any of them in elasticsearch or in the filebeat debug logs

filebeat configuration-

   - type: container
       - "/var/log/containers/*-${data.kubernetes.container.id}.log"
     multiline.type: pattern
     multiline.pattern: '^Received Parameters: request_data - {.*}$'
     multiline.negate: true
     multiline.match: after
     multiline.flush_pattern: '^-I- DONE 1$'

My logfile actually starts with "Received Parameters: request_data - " and ends with a few more lines after "-I- DONE 1".

Please help me to find the cause of the issue and let me know if you need any more details.