Missing field

I am using filebeats panos module. In the index i don't see the source.geo.name or destination.geo.name if i select the event.category as network_traffic. Although it shows as country ISO_code but not by name. Actual syslog is below which shows the countries name. How can i get name also in the index.

source/destination geo.name field is there in even.category : security_threat

below is the event.category : network_traffic raw log

1,2020/05/01 12:20:21,011101011111,TRAFFIC,drop,2323,2020/05/01 12:20:21,,,,,DBL-IN,,,not-applicable,vsys1,OUT,OUT,fa1,,syslog-server,2020/05/01 12:20:21,0,1,51515,20202,0,0,0x0,tcp,drop,64,64,0,1,2020/05/01 12:20:19,0,any,0,671547036560625252,0x8000000000000000,Russian Federation,United States,0,1,0,policy-deny,1111,0,0,0,vsys1,BR437PANV1,from-policy,,,0,,0,,N/A,0,0,0,0

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