Missing searches for example Kibana dashboards in packetbeat-6.0.0-beta1

(Roy Zanbel) #1


Seems there a few missing searches to in the example Kibana Packetbeat dashboards.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install packetbeat-6.0.0-beta1-amd64.deb.
  2. Setup the default dashboards using ./packetbeat setup --dashboards
  3. Setup the default template using ./packetbeat setup --template.
  4. Run Packetbeats.
  5. Open Kibana >> Dashboards and select the 'Packetbeat Dashboard'


An error appears in the overview and the Web transaction dashboards due to missing searches.
Specifically noticed:

After looking the saved searches, it is confirmed searches were not created as expected.

(Monica Sarbu) #2

I am able to reproduce the issue. Thank you @zanbel for reporting the issue. Can you please open an issue in the Beats repository?

(Roy Zanbel) #3

Sure thing!

(system) #4

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