Mongodb_parser.go:42: ERR Unknown operation code:

Getting below error when started packetbeat for MongoDB--
" mongodb_parser.go:42: ERR Unknown operation code:"

Platform Details--

  • Packetbeat- 5.3
  • OS- LINUX 6.6 64bits
  • MongoDB- 3.2
  • Output- Elasticsearch 5.2.2

Note: Mongodb & Packetbeat both are running on the same server(LINUX 6.6 64bits).

Sample packetbeat.yml


Configure the ports where to listen for MongoDB traffic. You can disable

the MongoDB protocol by commenting out the list of ports.

ports: [27017]
send_request: true # index the request payload
send_response: true # index the response payload
max_docs: 10 # maximum number of documents to index per request/response
max_doc_length: 1024 # maximum document size to index

Array of hosts to connect to.

hosts: [""]

Could you please guide me where I am making mistake? Any help/guidelines are highly appreciated.

Pravin Dwiwedi

possible reasons for the error:

  • op-code not implemented in packetbeat
  • mongodb protocol changes (no idea)
  • packetbeat TCP stream not in sync with actual TCP stream yet
  • packet loss -> packetbeat TCP stream not in sync

You have some more complete logs? Have you got a sample pcap (you can ask packetbeat to write packets to file or use tcpdump).

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