Monitor Filebeat Activity


I'm using filebeat to ship logs to logstash, and I want to know when it has finished shipping logs.
Is there a way to check when:
a) Filebeat has finished reading the log file (it's a static file, meaning it doesn't change or grow) and finished shipping
b) Logstash has stopped receiving data from filebeat? (Assuming I don't have a network problem)


Hi @muhamadli302,

as for a), Filebeat is designed to continuously read a file and does not "shutdown" when the file is finished as it expects new lines coming in. You might be able to see it has stopped reading a file in the logs if you up the logging level.

for b), since 5.0 Logstash has an API and you should be able to use the _node/stats/pipeline API to see when no more events are coming in.

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