Monitoring Apps Which Runs Below .NET 5


I use an agent to monitor a Windows application. App runs on .net version below 5. The guide on this page shows a .NET 5+ requirement.
I can get it work with applications run on this requirement but no luck with lower versions so far.
Is there a seperate agent or an extra varible for agent configuration to get it work?

Hi, @ilkerdemirci

The complexity of that page is unfortunate. It stems from the rebranding of .NET Core -> .NET. So technically, the profiler approach should work on most versions of .NET and certainly all versions under Microsoft support.

Which .NET version(s) are not working for you, and which version(s) are working correctly? Can you also be more specific about what is not working?

You can also check the profiler logs at %PROGRAMDATA%\elastic\apm-agent-dotnet\logs or, if you prefer, configure a different log directory using ELASTIC_APM_PROFILER_LOG_DIR. The logs should include any errors that might prevent auto instrumentation from working.