Monitoring Beats if it's not running

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, is there a way to monitor if a beats service is up and running?

I saw on the monitoring part that we can see the up time but when the service is stopped i guess that the beats just disappear from the monitoring UI. Is there a way to have something like the "Active beats in Last day" but instead "Non-active beats in last Day" as follow ?

Or do we need to add something else to have this particular monitoring?

PS: cluster in 6.6

Thank you,

I don't think there's a general way to show all beats that haven't run lately, in part because there's no limit on the number or type of beats (including user-defined beats) so there's no typical set of beats that "should" be running. However, if you have specific beats you want to monitor, you could set up a visualization / dashboard that shows how recently events were received from those ones -- but it'll involve doing a specific query for the beats you want, not just a general "everything that isn't recent".

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