Monitoring core files?

Hi folks, in order to check our test application against core dump files currently I have cronjob which is checking specific entries on related folder. Can I perform same task with filebeat, so I can remove my cronjob?

are these core dumps binary or do they contain stack-traces only? Filebeat currently processes text files line by line.

they are only binary files.. Might be I should use topbeat to supervise the process which can crash.

topbeat? it's metricbeat you mean.

If it's of any help, you can extract the stack-trace from the core-dump into a file and index the stack-trace (either line by line or use multiline to index the complete file as one document). But as developers normally want to investigate core-dumps with a debugger, I think it's of limited use... maybe helpful to figure out if a core-dump trace is somewhat similar though (like show top-N or least-N stack trace positions).

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