Monitoring dead letter queue (DLQ)

Hello all,

I'm wondering is there a proper way to monitor the contents of the dead letter queue?
Maybe I missed something ...

None of the monitoring APIs seem to yield are data about dlq's.
Items of interesst would be

  • number of items stored
  • disk usage of dlq (beside directly checking the dlq path)

Actually I looking for a monitoring API similar to those for persistent queues (which is technically almost the same). Maybe something worth to be included in the Kibana UI ...

Kind regards,

I haven't found anything that outlines the number of items stored in a given DLQ however the Logstash metrics endpoint does expose for each pipeline a queue_size_in_bytes metric for the DLQ.

We've been using this to monitor DLQ sizes with a fairly rudimentary check if it's over a certain byte threshold. Hope that helps a little


Hello Mike,

thanks a lot, that works!

It seems that the field queue_size_in_bytes is not documented.
Maybe I should have look at the sourcecode ...


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