Move data from RRD(Round Robin Database) to Elasticsearch

(Cody Burke) #1

Hi Everyone,

So I have been using Nagios/RRD for many years to collect/store data about my machines. I would like to be able to move some of this data over to elasticsearch so that I can do some analysis on it.

Does anyone know of a way to use logstash/beats/something else to take data from an RRD and put it into ES? I have messed around with the rrddump command in rrdtools, but it can be a mess.

Any help would be appreciated!

(Jaume Puigserver) #2


Have you solved this issues I'm facing the same inquietude.


(Cody Burke) #3

I have not. I think I will just have to figure make a script to dump the rrd to a txt file, and then parse that somehow, which sounds terrible.

(Jaume Puigserver) #4

Thak you for your feedback if we get a solution will let you know

(system) #5