Multi line filter in logstash conf

Hi all, i'm trying to build a logstash.conf file for the following type of log files.

Below is excerpt of an two events:

----Event 1----
Exception at 21 May 2017
(tab)Module: 6764
(tab)Level: Abort
(tab)Code: 83hdjwuyeb68g
XmlDescription: None
----Event 2----
Exception at 20 May 2017
(tab)Module: 682
(tab)Level: Abort
(tab)Code: 683hhshvaaj67
Responsible configuration:
(tab)Global template: 107
(tab)Xml Description: None

Both events appear in the same log, currently im using multiline with pattern ^\t and what previous.

But the issue is for the second event, the line one Responsible configuration does not have a tab.

Wondering if it's possible to use start with Exception as the start of a new event??
If yes, how? I have tried ^E but doesn't seem to work.
If no, anyone have any ideas on how i can do it?


You could try using pattern: ----End---- negate: true and what: previous. Then mutate gsub the ----Event \d+---- away.


I got it to work


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