Multi Line Pattern

Hello everyone,

I am currently having a hard time trying to parse a customized log to logstash using filebeat. My servers are windows servers, using the latest version of filebeat 7.0.12.

the sample log

Received XML Message:

20210422 05:00:06:351 - [INFO] 'SECURITY / LOGIN' Received from '' on
20210422 05:00:06:429 - [INFO] TEXT...
20210422 05:00:06:445 - [INFO] TEXT...
20210422 05:00:06:445 - [INFO] TEXT...
20210422 05:00:06:445 - [INFO] TEXT...
20210422 05:00:06:445 - [INFO] TEXT...

Sent XML Message:

Example of what the log looks like formatted on server

I am using the below to try and grab the whole log, which is not currently working.

multiline.pattern: '(?im)^Received XML Message:'
multiline.negate: true
multiline.match: after
multiline.flush_pattern: '(?im)^Sent XML Message:\r?\n<XML.*'

Any idea how i can manage to parse the full message please?

If you have a question about filebeat you would be better off asking in the beats forum rather than the logstash forum.

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