Multi-table JDBC Support

Does Logstash support using JDBC to pull data from multiple, related tables as a single index? We have data sources that have multiple tables, between 10 and 20. There is always a primary table that has the key used to access related records in the other tables.

Is it possible to use Logstash to pull this data, creating a single record for each row in the main table with the related data from the other table part of the single record? We currently use Python scripts with cx_Oracle to pull the data using a similar approach. While this functions well technically, it isn't as fast as we would like.

If it's multiple tables within in the same database you can just perform a SQL join, or?

No, we can't do a join as it is a one-to-many relationship. With the current Python approach, we are using nested objects in our Elasticsearch template to support the one-to-many relationship.