Multiline data to correlate into single line

Hi Guys,
Need some help
I have the data in this format
[2020-11-27] [data] [country:India] [Capital:Delhi]
[2020-11-27] [data] [country:India] [Currency:INR]
[2020-11-27] [data] [country:India] [PM:Modi]
[2020-11-27] [data] [country:India] [President:kovindh]
But I need it like below format.
[2020-11-27] [data] [country:India] [Capital:Delhi] [Currency:INR] [PM:Modi] [President:kovindh]
Is it possible to make it through ELK.

Need some help..

You could use an aggregate filter. Something like example 3 in the documentation.

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